We who run this establishment are Anne-Britt and Tommy. One who often messes up for us and who also lives here is Mio the cat (a raced farm cat if you ask her).  

The original idea of "Hattstugan" as we call it, was that children and grandchildren could retire there when they were visiting. When it turned out that the grandparents' parents preferred us as early risers to look after the children and therefore preferably lived in the main building, the cottage suddenly stood mostly empty.  

What about a cabin that's empty? Well, start business with Bed & Breakfast (year 2005). Since then, the business has developed and we ourselves have met a lot of lovely guests. Today we mostly try to find new opportunities to develop our business, including by creating collaborations with other actors in the area. Below is an article from "Västmanlands nyheter" about our business.   

We would like to welcome you to Rensmur and will do our best to give you a pleasant stay here.