Here in Rensmur there are many activities regardless of the season.  Here only the imagination stops but above all it is of course activities that are associated with our rural location and the forest that is around the corner of the cottage. We have a lot of tips on different things to do written down in the cottage. Here are a few of the possibilities here in Rensmur.

Cross-country skiing both in tracked and untracked terrain

Long-distance skating. Here are a number of shallow ponds associated with Sala silver mine and these freeze very early in the autumn.

We have collaborations with several equestrian organizers for longer or shorter rides on ponies or large horses.

We have created a little troll path in the forest for the youngest where little trolls are hidden here and there.

We have a number of bikes for free lending

In the Sala area there are a number of both landscaped and “wild” baths.  These are often associated with the Sala mine's dams and are therefore shallow and heated quickly in the spring.

Berrys and mushroom picking. Here are many varieties of both and they are all free to pick.

The cottage is loaded with lots of different paperbacks. If you don't finish your book during your stay, just take it with you. There will be new ones!

Here you can also visit Sala Silvermine, Sätra Brunn, Elsa Andersson's patisserie, Hällebrännan, Gårdsjö Älgpark or for the little ones  Sweden's perhaps finest city playground is located inside Sala.